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Immix in official Fedora repositories ! (July 2008)

Fabien Nicoleau has built Immix packages for Fedora. It is now available in Fedora's official repositories ; it may be installed simply by entering yum install immix from the command line.

Short update (May 2008)

Just added Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) package.

Short update (February 2008)

RPM packages have been added ! They are built on OpenSuSE 10.3 ; please tell me if you experience problems using them with other distributions.

Version 1.3 (December 2007)

A new developer joined the project. Welcome to dimaz ;-) !

In this new release :

Version 1.2 (November 2007)

In this new release :

Now I consider this software almost complete. However, I'll be happy to implement new ideas !

Version 1.1 (October 2007)

Two main changes in this release :

Next time, subpixel precision, and some user interface improvements.

Version 1.0 (June 2007)

Initial public release.